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Welcome To My Virtual World!

Posted by Karin - VA on July 20, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Yes, yes, I see the question marks on many faces already, questioning my sanity. But I promise you, I'm quite sane.

If you're ANYTHING like me, you'll ask a thousand and one questions and wonder about things. But there is method to my madness. I need to ask to be able to understand everything in full and to get clarity about things. Only once I understand something 100%, I can move on and do what is expected of me. Rather ask millions of questions and get your facts right BEFORE doing the job, than doing a job with only half the facts in place because you didn't want to ask.

So, what exactly is this Virtual World?

Like many people, I've also frowned upon the idea in the beginning, not really knowing what the business entails. But as I've learned more, I realised that this is IT: THIS is the career move I've been waiting for!

So, here I am. Writing to you from my Virtual Office, a cup of coffee next to me and I am feeling alive!

As you know, there is "virtually" NO LIMITS to the things you can do as a Virtual Assistant. And then there are the added extras...

Just think: you're your own boss. You work your own hours. You miss the rush-hour traffic. You don't have to deal with bossy colleagues or temperamental bosses. For the parents amongst us - you get to be with your kids. And ladies, you don't have to wear those horribly high heel shoes! Isn't that just bliss?

Okay, time to get moving, I've done "virtually" nothing around this place today... Chat to you soon!


Karin Visagie

Virtual Assistant and Outsourcing Services: Team Administrator

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