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Tell Me, How Good Are You In Doing Your Job?

Posted by Karin - VA on July 25, 2011 at 3:20 PM

At a previous company where I've worked, we had to do job appraisal forms every six months.  A form filled with lies, in my opinion.  I mean, REALLY. Who in his or her right mind is going to give him/herself a bad rating for ANYTHING when it comes to doing your job well?  Don't we all want to think and believe we are bright stars and brilliant at what we do?

After doing your own appraisal, you have the joy of sitting with your supervisors and then they get to do your appraisal with you.  To be honest, many times my attention wasn't really with that appraisal interview, but with my work, the ringing phones, the call centre staff looking for me... I've made sure that I do pay attention to the things that are important, but the small talk in between - nah.

One day my direct supervisor said to me that they keep giving me a very bad rating on one specific point:  showing an urgency for tasks that needs to be completed due to an emergency etc.  According to my supervisors, I don't show an urgency.  Yet I get the job done.  Why?  How?   *sigh*  I then sat down very patiently and explained to her that I actually DO feel the panic and the stress and I know work is urgent.  But what good is it going to do if I run up and down in the passage way between the two offices screaming and shouting, upsetting everyone?  Stay calm.  There is a crisis.  Prioritise.  Hand the work out.  Speak to your staff.  Get the job done.  If I stay calm, the staff will remain calm.

Good mark to me on the appraisal form.  Food for thought for my supervisor. 

I still don't run passage ways, screaming at the top of my voice.  If there is an emergency and it is part of my job, I do one of two things:  I prioritise and I get the job done as quickly as possible, the problem sorted and the client happy.  Or secondly, if it is REALLY too much for me, I ask for help. 

So Karin, how well do you think do you do your job?  Mmmm....  I think... no, no, I KNOW I'm doing a great job because I'm doing my best.

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