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Customer is REALLY king

Posted by Karin - VA on October 18, 2011 at 1:50 PM

I despise bad customer care. The phrase “customer is king” was drilled in to me when I worked for the market research company.  That is what I believe to this day.  Keep your customers happy and your business will grow. 


Customers can be wrong. And rude.  And many other things.  But you deal with that. You cross that bridge when you get there.  Why do customers get upset?  Money and bad service are the ones coming up the most.  Do customers always complain?  Nope.  They just let it be.  Not me. 


Today I went to a big pharmacy and they had a product on promotion:  buy one, get one free.  I had to get two, so I thought “wow, bargain!”.  When I had to pay for it, the cashier knew nothing about a promotion.  She went to fetch the promotion poster, asked around and eventually came back with:  “The promotion only applies if you buy two of the same, i.e. two purple ones or two orange ones.  But it is not applicable if you buy a purple one and an orange one.”  I told her it was false advertising, they should fix the poster then, paid and went to ask for the manager’s email address.


I’ve mailed the manager, telling him about the promotion and that I think it’s false advertising. More than an hour later I got a mail back, apologizing – customer is king – and that I must come collect a third product when in the area.  I went there, telling them in a nice manner that I actually paid for the free one and that I want my money back.  As simple as that.  After a bit of running around, they issued me with a gift voucher. 


It is not a lot of money. I’m not being petty.  But I am a customer.  A promise was made on that poster.  It wasn’t kept.  And I responded to that.  If you make promises to clients / customers, stick to it.  Don’t offer something you cannot give.  A customer may be unhappy and not complain, but he may very well leave. 


Be honest. Deliver.  Stick to your promises.  And remember, customer is really king. 


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