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Posted by Karin - VA on August 4, 2011 at 3:25 PM

I LOVE wrting.  And I am madly in love with blogging.  When I write, I come alive.  A whole world, made up from your word, comes to life and you have the power, the magic to make others see a part of your world through your eyes.

I know writing doesn't come easy for many people, but I believe that there is a word wizard in each one of us.  If you are able to have a conversation with someone, if you are able to describe something to another person, you can write.

Don't think of wrting a blog post as a massive task, an unpleasant job, something you hate to do.  Sit down somewhere where there is peace and quiet and just relax.  The words will come to you.  They always do.

Okay, so how do you get started with a post?  First things first:  ALWAYS write about the things you know.  If you know a lot about many things, pick one thing.  And then you break it up and break it up further until you find your topic.  Here is an example:

If I put five people next to a top of the range car and tell them to write about that car, I'm going to get five different stories.  One will write about the body, another about safety, another about interior finising, number four will have something to say about the price of that car and other's in it's class and the last one will say it's the most unreliable vehicle ever made.  BUT if I had to send the same people out with the car on a test drive and tell them to write me a post about their test drive experience, I'll get some useable information from them.  Why?  Because they wrote about something they experienced.  All of a sudden they have the knowledge to say something about the vehicle pertaining the test drive.

Don't try to write essays.  There is no need for that.  Keep your blog posts to the point.  Ask yourself:  if I am a reader, will I read this?  Is it too long? 

Bring in the human touch.  "I have experienced in my business that..." will capture readers more than "they say that..."  And be honest.  Be yourself.  Don't be afraid to make a joke - it's human to laugh.

Last, but not least:  if writing is not your strength, write down a few pointers, things you want to mention in your post.  And then, one by one, you flesh them out.  You'll be surprised to see the end result!

Words come to us in their masses - don't be afraid to use them!

Happy blogging! 


Virtual Assistant & Word Wizard

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